Plastics subjected to grinding and crushing are often heavily contaminated and loaded with foreign particles. Well-designed cleaning technology effectively separates abrasives and prepares the material for all further processes.

Pre-washers are devices used to wash most heavily soiled and shredded plastic waste such as: PP, PVC packaging, PET bottles, LLDPE films, household chemistry waste and are most often used at the next recycling stage after grinding and crushing. Our pre-washers are low in energy consumption (5,5 kW), easy to use and reliable devices, which give the possibility of configuring in a more efficient – the cascade system (tandem) (2 x 5,5 kW). Due to the special construction, pre-washers are characterised by high mechanical resistance to natural wear.

In our offer you will find KL-MW series pre-washers. For heavily soiled materials, we offer tandem pre-washers (2 x 5,5kW). Our devices are subject to general and specific safety regulations and they comply with the CE requirements.

Configuration table for plastic pre-washers.

Model Motor power [kW] Film washing capacity [kg/h] Plastic scrap washing capacity [kg/h]
KL-MW/500 5,5 600 1 500

    Advantages of pre-washers for plastics include:

  • resistance to natural wear;
  • low energy consumption;
  • stainless steel structure (option);
  • configuration option in cascade system;
  • effective drainage of water and pollution.
    Pre-washers for plastics are designed for washing heavily soiled and shredded:

  • PP, PE plastics;
  • PET bottles;
  • household chemistry waste;
  • PVC packaging;
  • packaging films.