Water ring pelletizing systems are commonly used in plastics processing equipment for granulating (cutting) a wide range of polymer materials such as: PP, PE, PS, ABS, soft PVC. The purpose of the water ring die face pelletizing system is “creating” a granulate by passing a hot mass of plastic material through a granulating die head equipped with a die plate, in which holes have been made for squeezing material of a certain size. On this die plate, the set of cutting knives rotates in rotation, cutting off following portions of material and forming suitable size granules. This pellets fall into the water ring. The role of the water ring is cooling the hot material, preventing pellets from sticking together during the transport of pellets to next production stages (vibrating dewatering screen or granules centrifuge).

The current operation of the pelletizing system involves checking the condition and size of granules and adjusting their cutting. The use of regulated, pneumatic pressure of the cutting knives on the die head enables setting the proper cutting gap, which allows obtaining the required size of granules. In addition, the expected product appearance is also achieved by regularly checking and replacing the cutting knives.

Optionally, the water ring pelletizing system can be equipped with a control box. In addition, the granulation system is standard adapted by the manufacturer for connection to other types of Koltex PRS filtration devices. We also manufacture sizing dies for pelletizing (cutting) systems on the Customer’s request. We encourage you to introduce yourself with our offer of the water ring pelletizing systems including the devices of the KL-SGR series.

Configuration table for water ring pelletizing systems.

Model Capacity [kg/h] Length [mm] Width [mm] Height [mm] Power of water circulation pump [kW] Weight [kg]
KL-SGR/600 up to 750 1400 (1000) 1210 630 2,2 180
KL-SGR/1300 750 – 1300 1650 (1250) 1410 1200 3,0 250

    Advantages of water ring pelletizing systems include:

  • high output;
  • pneumatic pressure of the cutting knives set to the die head;
  • easy replacement of knives;
  • sliding casing on guide rails;
  • compatibility with extruders and screen changers;
  • equipment with a control box (option).
    Water ring pelletizing systems are intended for granulation:

  • a wide range of polymer materials with lower and medium MFI types of: PP, PE, PS, ABS, soft PVC, masterbatch.