Vibrating dewatering screens are devices designed to remove moisture from the granules, which have been previously granulated in the water ring pelletizing system. Removing of moisture takes place by transporting these granules using a vibrating screen driven by vibration motors. In addition, the vibrating dewatering screen is equipped with the function of filtration of the stuck together granules, which have to be separated from the material of standard value. The glued together pellets may contain moisture in their contents, which in turn negatively affects into further production stages, where the given moisture content of the ready granulate is required.

The vibrating dewatering screen of Koltex PRS company can also optionally be equipped with the water circulation cooling system, so that the water is used in the pelletizing systems at the right temperature. Vibrating screen meshes are made of stainless steel, which ensures their durability during the operation.

We encourage you to introduce yourself with our offer of the KL-WWI series of the vibrating dewatering screens.

Configuration table for vibrating dewatering screens.

Model Capacity [kg/h] Length (without arm)[mm] Width [mm] Height [mm] Power of water circulation pump [kW] Weight [kg]
KL-WWI/700 500 – 750 2990 1210 1200 2,2 390
KL-WWI/900 750 – 1500 2990 1410 1200 3,0 138

    Advantages of vibrating dewatering screens include:

  • high capacity;
  • drainage of excess water from granulates;
  • filtration (separation) function of glued granulates;
  • durability during operation (screens made of stainless steel);
  • easy cleaning screens;
  • convenient restoring and cleaning filters of the water circulation system;
  • equipment with the water circulation cooling system (option).
    Vibrating dewatering screens are intended for drying:

  • granulates of a wide range of: PP, PE, PS, ABS, PVC, masterbatch, compound plastics;
  • granulates of other materials with high MFI (subjected to underwater granulation) such as: PET, PBT, PA, TPE, SEBS, SBS, PLA, PP with high MFI.