Plasticizing systems are sets of extruder parts for granulation of plastics, which include the screw and barrel of extruder. Operational wear of plasticizing systems, caused by the processing of not always properly cleaned, separated recycling materials and the use of various technical plastics and additives has a significant impact on the impairing quality of the obtained product and decrease in the efficiency of the extruder.

Facing the problems arising from the normal wear and tear of plasticizing systems, we offer our Clients new plasticizing systems, including screws and extruder barrels made as standard in long-term gas, ion nitriding or bimetallic reinforced on the basis of iron and nickel.

We also offer our Clients comprehensive service in the area of wear measurements, design, analysis and selection of the geometry of plasticizing systems and selection of their best process parameters for appropriate types of production and processed raw materials. Plasticizing systems can be made on the basis of technical drawings received as well as technical documentation prepared by our company, developed on the account of dimensioning of individual details of system components, under which we make new plasticizing systems.

    Advantages of our services in the area of plasticizing systems include:

  • service in identifying the causes of the problem;
  • preparing analyzes, wear measurements of plasticizing systems;
  • design and selection of properly optimized geometry of plasticizing systems;
  • development the required technical documentation;
  • supply the best quality plasticizing systems based on modern strength technologies.
    Plasticizing systems of extruders are designed to:

  • ensure the best quality parameters for plasticizing processes;
  • achieve a required quality of extrusion products;
  • maintain a proper extruder output;
  • minimise a wear risk of the plasticizing system during the operation.