Self-cleaning screen changer, also known as rotary double screen filter is a highly effective solution in the area of filtration of plastics such as: PP, PS, PE, PET or ABS and it is intended for obtaining better final recycling products as well as made from them finished goods. The filter which operates in a continuous mode, automatically and on an current basis removes contaminants without frequent changing of filter meshes as often as in the case of other screen changers. The device has a high level of automation and can be used for many types of machines after making the appropriate adapters.

The operation of the self-cleaning screen changer involves the use of a double set of cutting knives, metal hole pads and filtration meshes attached to them, on the surface of which the rotating cutting knives remove the contaminants on an ongoing basis and discharge them to the outlet valve at the bottom of the device. The filtered plastic mixture is transported further through appropriate channels to the pelletizing system. The operation of the cutting knives is automatically regulated and controlled by meassuring the pressure of the molten material in the filter chamber.

Thanks to the automatic filtering solution, a large filtration surface remains unchanged, which ensures constant flow pressure and stability of the material parameters. We would like to introduce yourself with the offer of imported, self-cleaning automatic screen changers.

Configuration table for self-cleaning screen changers.

Model Screen diameter [mm]
Particle size retention* [μm]
Capacity [kg/h]
Motor power [kW]
Ln300 300 20; 30; 40; 50; 60; 70; up to 600 12 + 2,2
Ln350 350 30; 40; 50; 60; 70; up to 800 16 + 3,0
Ln400 400 30; 40; 50; 60; 70; up to 1000 18 + 4,0
Ln500 500 30; 40; 50; 60; 70; up to 1500 22 + 5,5

* Particle size is the diameter of the smallest particle that will be caught and retained by the screen.

    Advantages of self-cleaning screen changers include:

  • reducing operator’s work to a minimum (automatic operation);
  • adaptation for direct connection to extruders;
  • large filtration surface;
  • ongoing, automatic removal of contaminants;
  • stable filtration parameters;
  • reliable work at high temperatures and pressure.
    Self-cleaning screen changers are intended to filter:

  • melted plastics in extrusion: PP, PS, PE, PET, ABS, before proceeding to the granulation process.