Helical gear motors are drive units, that replace conventional drive systems consisting of a motor and several gears, couplings, etc. In the helical gear motor all elements of the drive, speed reduction, torque transmission, etc. are located in one housing, which together with the small size of these devices is their greatest advantage.

Cylindrical gearboxes (with 2 helical gears set) with thrust bearings are the most popular type of gears used in the single-screw extruders, where the gearbox drive has been adapted to the needs of high-power motors using the extension of motor connections for each gearbox size. The gearboxes are available as the IEC flange applications for an asynchronous electric motor or as the reducer with full input shaft. As standard, the extruder gearboxes have the option of using an oil cooler.

For current and potential customers we offer the helical gearboxes of well known renowned Italian brands (with the reduction ratio from 6.3 to 28), with a wide range of sizes (from 100 to 450) and kinematic gear systems.

When choosing a reducer for drive motor, first of all you need to determine what revolutions at the gearbox output we will need. The second worth knowing parameter is the drive moment, because it determines the mechanical size of the reducer at a given reduction ratio and the required drive motor power. It is important to maintain the correct security factor, which in practice should be equal to FS = 1 ÷ 1.5 or more depending on the nature and operating conditions of the gearbox unit.

Configuration table for parallel cylindrical gearboxes for single screw extruders

          in the range of sizes 100 – 160:                 in the range of sizes 180 – 280:                 in the range of sizes 320 – 450:

    Advantages of helical gearbox units with thrust bearings include:

  • reliable and excellent work (for many applications in various industries);
  • universal, symmetrical mounting;
  • equipped with a stable, monolithic cast iron housing;
  • use of an oil cooler;
  • variety of type and size available.
    Helical gearbox units with thrust bearing are used to drive:

  • single screw extruders for plastic granulating lines.