Granulating lines with compactor (agglomerator) in the plastic recycling process are intended for granulation of shredded, lightly printed materials such as PP, PE, LLDPE, LDPE, PS, ABS in the form of films and plastic scrap. The use of single-screw plasticizing system in extruders of this line, appropriately selected extruder length and screw stroke in combination with double vacuum degassing ensure high quality of the final product.

The feature, which diversifies the extruder of this line from the extruder with a hopper is equipping it with a compactor, which enables the processing of material of various forms and sizes. Compacting the material in the agglomerator consists in preparing the input material for work in the extruder plasticizing system by initial compacting it and heating it as a result of friction of the material, which allows processing of more printed and moist materials.

To ensure better plasticization of printed waste, it is necessary to use a double degassing system in the extruders of granulation lines. This system ensures effective reduction of the gas produced during the extrusion and prevents the formation of defects in the form of air bubbles on the final product. Appropriate quality and purity of the granules are also obtained by equipping the extruders with a special drawer hydraulic screen changer, which ensures an appropriate degree of filtration of the processed material. The production process of the granulation line is controlled entirely through the HMI operator panel, where the operator has the ability to live viewing process parameters and change these parameters “online”. The control also allows remote access to the machine for management or service.

Configuration table for granulating lines with compactor.

Model Extruder motor power [kW] Compactor motor power [kW] Screw diameter [mm] Screw length [L/D] Extruder output [kg/h]
KL-Z/80 75 75 80 44 : 1 200 – 280
KL-Z/100 110 90 100 44 : 1 350 – 450
KL-Z/120 160 – 200 110 120 44 : 1 450 – 600
KL-Z/140 200 – 280 132 140 44 : 1 600 – 900
KL-Z/160 250 – 355 200 – 250 160 44 : 1 850 – 1100
KL-Z/180 280 – 330 160 160 44 : 1 900 – 1200

    Advantages of granulating lines with compactor include:

  • high output (up to 2500 kg/h);
  • material preheating and condensing for processing by a compactor;
  • equipped with an automatic or manual screen changer;
  • multi-stage degassing system;
  • use of a cutting die in water ring;
  • extruder control by the HMI operator panel;
  • innovative use of moving elements subjected to natural wear in the plasticizing system;
  • possibility of drying granules through a dewatering vibrating screen;
  • convenient granules collection system.
    Granulating lines with compactor are intended for extrusion:

  • printed, shredded plastic waste in the form of films: PE, LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE;
  • printed, shredded plastic waste in the form of plastic scrap: PP, ABS, EPS, PS.